Raising awareness for your brand with promotional products during COVID-19 is a great way to keep your business in the minds of people seeking your products or services. However, making sure your promotional product campaign reaches potential customers is a new challenge businesses are currently facing. The question so many businesses are having to ask is how to connect with customers while staying safe? Keep reading for ideas to help answer this challenging question.

Start with a Virtual Campaign

A great way to contact customers for repeat business is to reach out to them through email. To incorporate a promotional product campaign, offer the product in exchange for something simple the customer can do, such as sign up for an email newsletter or a consultation, or to schedule a service or order a product.

If you reach out by email you can use “pixel tracking” to see which customers open your emails. This will give you a good idea of how effective your outreach campaign was and can help you improve future campaigns. You can also utilize A/B testing to find out which campaigns work best for your customers.

When utilizing an email campaign that offers to mail a product, don’t forget to include a form requesting a mailing address and appropriate permission requests and disclosures. For example, you could ask clients if they would like to receive additional promotional material by mail.

Physical Mail Campaigns

If you have an existing mailing list of past or potential clients, you can also utilize a physical mail campaign. With these campaigns you can reach a large number of people without requiring them to do anything to get their promotional product. For example, businesses can mail out small products like single use hand sanitizer that can be attached to a postcard. Larger items can also be sent, depending on your shipping budget.

Work with Existing Connections

For distributing promotional products on a smaller scale, consider working with businesses or organizations that you already know. Donate a meal or products to a group of volunteers or staff at an open essential business and include a batch of your promotional product with the donation. Small items like pens or hand sanitizer bottles are a great option for this type of distribution. This maintains the minimal contact necessary for safety during the pandemic but still lets your promotional product reach the public.

Be Responsible in Your Delivery

Remember to make allowances for your campaign to keep employees and customers safe. Promoting your business during COVID-19 may mean taking on some new challenges, but if you take the time and put in the effort to deliver exceptional promotional products safely, your campaign can be as successful during a pandemic as not.

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